Recover Cyclades ACS600 to factory defaults

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Taken from [1]

1. Download the ACS6000 firmware and save the file in C:\ of the local PC -

2. Run Solwarwinds TFTP server and configure the TFTP Server Root Directory - C:\

3. Access ACS6000 Serial Console

4. Power cycle ACS6000

5. On ACS6000 during "Hit any key to stop autoboot", press a key and enter the following commands at the shell prompt:

   setenv bootfile fl0585010.bin  <----ACS6000 firmware
   setenv serverip <----TFTP server (Local PC) IP Address
   setenv ipaddr <-----ACS6000 IP Address
   net_boot factory_default

You should see many ###### during the firmware transfering. If you see many T T T T T, transfer timeout, please check your firewall and the port 69 for TFTP.

6. Once completed, it will ask you to type the login username:

   Type- Username: root; Pasword: linux

7. After booting, login as root and execute the following at the shell prompt; --doformat --factory_default

Note: The steps are for firmware version 2.0 and newer. If the unit is running firmware 1.x please enter "shell" after login to enter to the command shell