Install Pepper Flash for Firefox

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Adobe stopped developing Flash for Linux many moons ago. As such, ever since moving to 14.04 LTS, I've found that the Flash plugin for Firefox is extraordinarily flakey. The best alternative I've found is Googles Pepperflash. Pepperflash is actually made to work with Chromium, but some very nice people have created a wrapper for it called Fresh Flash. Here's how to install it:

1. Install Pepper Flash

  sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree
  sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree --install
  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:skunk/pepper-flash
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install pepflashplugin-installer

2. Create a symlink for the plugin

  sudo mkdir -p /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash
  sudo chmod -R 755 /opt/google
  sudo ln -s /usr/lib/pepflashplugin-installer/ /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash

3. Install Fresh Player Plugin:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install freshplayerplugin

4. Restart your browser and now Flash should work :-)