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It used to be that when you got your bright shiny new NetApp, it was pre-configured to send both you and NetApp a weekly Autosupport email. I found this email comforting ;-) Although it still does send the email to NetApp every week, NetApp do not pre-configure the weekly email to you (at least that has been my experience). Enabling it is simple, though not immediately obvious:

1. Change to diag mode on the filer command line:

priv set diag

2. View the current autosupport filters:

autosupport filter show

The one you're looking for looks like this:

weekly                    disabled   disabled

3. Enable the weekly filter

autosupport filter modify -autosupport-message weekly -to enabled

Now you should get your weekly comforting emails :-)

Taken from NetAPP KB article 1014153.