Email alerts failing to send from Dell iDRAC v9

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If you have a Dell server with an iDRAC9, release 4.x, you'll no doubt no longer be receiving email from it. The reason for this is:

After iDRAC is upgraded to version, you may stop receiving encrypted email alerts from iDRAC, if the external email server does not support encryption. iDRAC firmware version introduces a user-selectable encryption option and the default protocol is StartTLS.

The tell-tale sign of this is when you see the following message in your mail server logs:

 Dec 10 00:33:28 mailhost01 sendmail[22446]: 1BA0XSsj022446: [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to Daemon0

To start receiving email messages again, disable the email encryption by using the following RACADM command:

 racadm set idrac.RemoteHosts.ConnectionEncryption None

As of iDRAC9 release 5.x, you can change this from the GUI:

 - iDRAC Settings
   -> Settings
      - SMTP (Email) Server Settings 
        -> Connection Encryption : None