Advanced Lights Out Management (ALOM)

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The ALOM is very useful for remotely managing your Solaris server. You should always have it configured and accessible via serial console or network, in the event that you have an unresponsive box that needs a kick. Here are a few useful commands I have found over the years for manipulating the ALOM.

Change the ALOM password from the OS

  cd /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin
  ./scadm userpassword admin

Reset the ALOM to Factory Defaults

1. Power the machine down with an 'init 5'. Remove power cords for several seconds.

2. Press 'esc' key during ALOM boot when this is on screen:

  Boot Sector FLASH CRC Test
  Boot Sector FLASH CRC Test, PASSED.
  Return to Boot Monitor for Handshake

After 'esc' key is pressed you get the ALOM Menu

3. Enter e to erase the ALOM NVRAM

4. Enter r to return to ALOM boot process

Check ALOM Version

showsc version

Set System Date

The OS will need to be turned off. Then from the ALOM you can do the following:

 setdate 030105122011

Which will set the time to:

March 1st, 0512 hours, 2011 UTC