Setting up ILOM on x86 servers

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Most Oracle/Sun x86 based servers come with Integrated Lights Out Management (ILOM). This allows you full remote control of the server if you need it, including KVM. The following is true for the X4100 and X4200 at least. In order to use it, you need to do the following:

1. Connect to the serial port with your favourite terminal emulator, with these settings:

 8N1: eight data bits, no parity, one stop bit
 9600 baud
 Disable hardware flow control (CTS/RTS)
 Disable software flow control (XON/XOFF)

2. You should see the command prompt. Enter the default username and password:

 Username: root
 Password: changeme

3. Reset the root password:

 set /SP/users/root password

Follow the prompts.

4. Make sure the network management port is plugged into the network and then do the following to give the ILOM a static IP:

 cd /SP/network
 set pendingipaddress= 
 set pendingipnetmask= 
 set pendingipgateway= 
 set pendingipdiscovery=static
 set commitpending=true

And then use the 'show' command to see that it's worked:

-> show
	commitpending = (Cannot show property)
	ipaddress =
	ipdiscovery = Static
	ipgateway = 
	ipnetmask =
	macaddress = 00:03:BA:XX:XX:XX
	pendingipaddress =
	pendingipdiscovery = Static
	pendingipgateway = 
	pendingipnetmask =