Logical Domains with ZFS

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Solaris Logical Domains (LDOMs) or, as it's now been christened, Oracle VM for SPARC, allows you to take any T-series processor based server and partition it into lots of fully isolated virtual servers. Unlike Solaris zones, there are no shared files. Each virtual machine gets it's own copy of Solaris! With Oracle VM Server for SPARC version 2.0, you can do lots of cool stuff also, like isolate access to a specific PCI slot to one LDOM. Here, I will outline a simple process for building LDOM's, using ZFS as the storage infrastructure and then using the ZFS capabilities to clone and provision new LDOM's in a matter of minutes. The test system for this was Sun Oracle Enterprise T5220 with 8Gb of RAM and 8 x 146Gb hard drives. Two of the disks will be used to host the base OS and the remaining 6 will be used to create a ZFS RAID-Z pool to hold the LDOMs.

  1. Configuring the Host system, the Control Domain
  2. Creating a base LDOM image
  3. Cloning the base LDOM image to create new LDOMs