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Sunsolve was by no means a great support site. However, for the most part is was logical and easy to navigate. I say for the MOST part! However, the new offering from Oracle, My Oracle Support, is a new adventure in pain! I've listed a few things here to make life easier.

Downloading a Solaris Patch Cluster

1. Log in to My Oracle Support

2. Click on the Patches & Updates link at the top of the page.

3. In the Patch Search section, click on the Product or Family (Advanced Search) option.

4. Set Product to Solaris Operating System

5. Set Release to Solaris 10 Operating System

6. Select Type from the third menu and set Type to Patchset

7. Now search and that should give you a complete list of patch clusters.

Finding your Supported Assets

So you want to see what hardware you have under support, but where is the information buried?

1. Log in to My Oracle Support

2. Click on the More... link at the top of the page and select Settings.

3. Click on the Assets link on the left hand side.